About Space 13

For Unique Homes & Lifestyles

Do you love unusual homes? We do too!

Want to buy or sell an unusual place? Looking for unique remodeling ideas? It's not just real estate, it's your home! Space 13 is here to inspire you to do what you dream and create a space that truly matches your lifestyle.

We are constantly hunting for buried treasure in the MLS...those homes that are one of a kind or have special features. Looking for a great home business location, a tiny home, a retro ranch, a storybook house, a historic building, an urban farm or ??? We love a challenge...how can we help?

Space 13 Services:

  • List unusual property (we're licensed agents)
  • Unique home search, as your buyer agent
  • More services coming soon!

From The Founder

The idea of Space 13 dates back to 1998. I have always loved the unusual, whether it be books, movies, art or unique homes. I grew up in "weird" Portland, where we have such a rich variety of innovative projects and places to live. Real estate is a lifelong passion. As a homeowner, you have the freedom to build a world that is unique to you and your family. Why not create a space that welcomes and delights you every time you walk through the door?

At this writing, we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing. It is fitting that this new version of Space 13 is going live on July 20th, 2019. Not a launch but an arrival after a long journey. Now is the time to explore new spaces and bold ideas of what home can be. The number 13 can become your lucky number. We look forward to many interesting and inspiring adventures in remarkable real estate.


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